Zip - NONE

Once upon a time, there was a town called Zipville. It was a small and tight-knit community where everyone knew each other. The local newspaper, The Zipville Times, had a crossword puzzle section where the townsfolk loved to test their knowledge.

One day, the puzzle maker wanted to challenge the town even more by including a clue for the word “Zip.” Everybody was excited to solve it. They all raced to fill in the boxes, guessing words like “Fast” or “Quick,” but nothing seemed to fit.

Finally, after hours of thinking, somebody shouted out, “NONE!” Everyone stopped and looked at the crossword, and there it was – “Zip: ___.” The realization sank in – “None” was the perfect answer. “Zip” referred to nothing or no movement, and thus “None” fit perfectly.

After that, the town of Zipville suddenly had a new word to add to their lexicon. People would often say things like, “How was your day?” and get the response, “It was a Zip, none happened.” From then on, “None” became the word of the town, all thanks to a clever crossword puzzle.