Stuck on ‘Zhuzh (up)’? Crack the crossword clue!

Stuck on ‘Zhuzh (up)’? Crack the crossword clue! - SPRUCE
Zhuzh (up)

The answer to the crossword clue “Zhuzh (up) is SPRUCE” is the word “spruce“. The term “zhuzh up” is often used colloquially to mean making something more attractive or fashionable. In this context, “zhuzh (up)” is an instruction to add the word “up” to the word “zhuzh” to create a verb phrase. The additional instruction “is” indicates that the resulting verb phrase corresponds to the answer. Since the word “spruce” can mean to make something neat, tidy, or well-groomed, it fits perfectly as the answer to the clue. So, when you complete the crossword, you would write “spruce” in the corresponding box.