“Your point being …?”

“Your point being …?” - MEANINGWHAT
"Your point being ...?"

As a detective, I approach the crossword clue ‘“Your point being …?”‘ with a curious mind, eager to unravel the mystery behind it. My first instinct is to consider the meaning of the phrase, which suggests a challenge to the relevance or significance of something. This leads me to think of possible synonyms, such as ‘what’s the significance?‘ or ‘what’s the relevance?‘.

As I puzzle over the clue, my mind considers alternative interpretations. I reflect on the use of the rhetorical device of asking questions, and consider how it might be used to express doubt or skepticism. This line of thinking leads me to consider phrases such as ‘do you really believe that?‘ or ‘are you serious?‘.

After carefully analyzing the possible angles and meanings, I finally realize that the answer to the crossword clue is ‘MEANINGWHAT‘. This phrase captures the essence of the challenge posed by the clue, as it encapsulates both the skeptical tone and the emphasis on the significance of something. With my deductive skills, I have solved yet another mystery, and I feel a sense of satisfaction at having cracked the code of the crossword puzzle.