Yellow primrose

Yellow primrose - OXLIP
Yellow primrose

Once upon a time, there was a garden filled with beautiful flowers of different shades and colors. One day, a young girl was walking through the garden with her crossword puzzle book in hand. She came across a clue which read “Yellow primrose” and tried to think of the answer. As she was pondering over the clue, she saw a group of butterflies fluttering around a particular flower.

Curious, the girl approached the flower and realized it was a yellow primrose. As she was marveling at its beauty, she noticed something peculiar – the leaves of the plant resembled a cross between an ox’s tongue and the shape of a lip.

Suddenly, it clicked in her mind that the answer to the crossword clue was “oxlip.” The flowers were not only beautiful but had a unique feature that resembled the shape of an ox’s tongue and lip.

From that day on, whenever she saw a yellow primrose or came across the word oxlip, she was reminded of her adventure in the garden and how she learned something new about nature.