Word before and after “to,” in a religious phrase

Word before and after “to,” in a religious phrase - ASHES
Word before and after "to," in a religious phrase

As a detective solving the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Word before and after “to,” in a religious phrase‘, I approached the puzzle with a strategic mindset. The first step was to focus on the phrase “to,” which suggested a liturgical context. Keeping this in mind, I considered words that could fit the format of the clue. The next clue within the puzzle that I pondered was the reference to “religious phrase.” This hinted towards a phrase commonly associated with a religious event or tradition.

Upon examining the clues, the thought that immediately came to my mind was the Catholic liturgical phrase, “from dust to ashes, from ashes to glory.” I realized that the word “ashes” fit perfectly in the clue format, with the words “from dust” and “to glory” acting as possible synonyms for the clue’s “before and after.” Thus, the answer to the crossword clue was “ASHES.”

In conclusion, the thought process I used to solve this crossword clue was a combination of careful analysis, logic, and recall of typical religious phrases. With a focus on interpreting the clues, consideration of the phrase format, and the reference to religion, I was able to deduce the correct answer.