Stumped on ‘Woolly Mama’? Get the answer here!

Stumped on ‘Woolly Mama’? Get the answer here! - EWE
Woolly mama

Certainly! As an assistant, I would be happy to help you understand the crossword clue ‘Woolly mama’ and its answer ‘EWE.’

Simply put, EWE is a female sheep. It is a domesticated mammal that is commonly raised for their meat, milk, and wool. The wool from a sheep is commonly used to make clothing, blankets, and other textiles. As a result, the sheep is often referred to as an important economic resource for those who raise them.

In terms of their anatomy, Ewes have a distinct appearance that separates them from male sheep, known as rams. One easy way to distinguish between the two is to look at their horns. While rams typically have larger, curvier horns, Ewes will often have smaller and less curved horns or no horns at all.

Ewes’ gestation period lasts for about five months, and they can give birth to up to three lambs at a time. They are also known to be social animals, flocking together for protection and support.

So, ‘Woolly mama’ is a fitting clue for ‘EWE’ because Ewes are known for their thick woolly coats, and they are often the primary source of wool used in textile production.

I hope this explanation helps you understand the clue and answer better!