Without company

Without company - ALONE
Without company

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Allie who loved to spend time alone. She wasn’t antisocial, but rather enjoyed the peace and quiet of her own company. One day, she decided to challenge herself and started working on a crossword puzzle. When she read the clue ‘Without company’, Allie smiled knowing the answer was ‘ALONE‘.

As she filled in the boxes, Allie realized that many people are afraid of being alone. They constantly seek the company of others, fearing loneliness. But as she continued solving the puzzle, she discovered that spending time alone was empowering. It gave her a chance to reflect on her thoughts and emotions, to appreciate her own uniqueness and to make important decisions.

From that day forward, Allie understood the importance of embracing being alone. No longer did she fear it, but rather saw it as an opportunity to grow and become a better version of herself. And every time she came across the crossword clue ‘Without company’, she smiled to herself, knowing that the answer was something that she cherished – being ‘ALONE‘.