With 12-Down, unfit

With 12-Down, unfit - ILL
With 12-Down, unfit

As a detective working on this crossword, my first step was to closely examine the clue “With 12-Down, unfit“. I knew that this clue required two answers to be filled into the crossword grid, with the second answer likely being related to the first. Looking at the layout of the crossword, I noticed that the space for the second answer was a four-letter word, which led me to think of the short words that could fit the theme of being unfit.

To crack the puzzle, I played around with different words and finally landed on the word “ILL” as the answer to the clue. By adding “with 12-Down” to the clue, it brought further clarity. I quickly realized that this was a reference to another clue also on the crossword, and it was a blank space with twelve boxes followed by a question mark. After filling in the spaces, I deduced that the twelve letter word was “Ailing,” which further strengthened my belief that “ILL” was the right answer to the clue.

In conclusion, the answer “ILL” was the perfect fit for the mystery crossword clue “With 12-Down, unfit,” given its four-letter structure which fit well into the crossword grid, and the fact that the answer combined with “Ailing” from the 12-Down clue made a perfect fit as well. It was a thrilling challenge piece to solve, and it helped me sharpen my cognitive and logical reasoning skills.