Windshield clearer

Windshield clearer - WIPER
Windshield clearer

Sure, I can help explain the answer to the crossword clue ‘Windshield clearer’. The answer is ‘WIPER’. Wipers are an essential component of a vehicle’s windshield system, which helps to clear the rain or snow from the windshield while driving. They consist of a metal arm with a rubber blade that moves back and forth across the windshield, removing dirt, raindrops, and other debris from the surface.

When rain falls on the windshield, the driver can activate the wipers by using the wiper switch on the dashboard. The motor then powers the metal arm to move the wiper blades in synchronization with each other, clearing the windshield of water droplets or snow. They are usually made of rubber or silicon and come in various lengths and shapes to fit different vehicles’ windshields.

It is important to use wipers that are designed for your specific vehicle to ensure maximum performance and clear visibility while driving. Wipers should also be periodically changed as they can become worn out and less effective over time.

In summary, windshield wipers are an essential component of a vehicle’s windshield system, providing clear visibility for driving in rainy or snowy weather.