Windbag? - BELLOWS

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a village that was renowned for its skilled craftsmen. They were known for their ability to craft the most intricate and beautiful objects in the world. However, there was one problem that plagued the village: the absence of any sort of wind. Without wind, the blacksmiths found it difficult to create their wonders.

One day, a traveler appeared in the village, claiming to be a master of the wind. He promised to bring the wind back to the village and help the craftsmen. The people were skeptical, but they decided to give him a chance.

The traveler set up a huge device in the center of the village, which he called the “Windbag.” The villagers were confused by the Windbag’s massive size and shape, but they trusted the traveler’s expertise. The traveler then blew into the Windbag, and to everyone’s surprise, the bag began to expand and contract, creating a strong gust of wind that swirled around the village.

The blacksmiths were overjoyed! With the wind back, they could finally create their masterpieces with ease. The traveler explained to the villagers that the Windbag was actually a bellows, a tool that blacksmiths use to blow air onto their furnaces and create the heat necessary for their work. The villagers were amazed at how this simple tool could produce such powerful and useful results.

From that day on, the villagers used the Windbag, or bellows, to aid them in their work, and it became a symbol of their clever and industrious nature. And whenever they looked at the crossword clue “Windbag?“, they chuckled at the memory of the stranger who brought them the gift of the bellows.