What’s the Word?

What’s the Word? - SCRIPTURE
What's the Word?

As a detective solving the mystery of the crossword clue “What’s the Word?”, my first step was to examine the given clues and try to come up with a word that fits all the criteria. I soon realized that the word needed to be a noun that refers to a written work, as it clearly fit with the template of the crossword. The word ‘Scripture’ immediately came to mind, as it refers to the religious texts that are widely studied and revered, and as such, it matched with the clue perfectly. Moreover, considering the number of letters required in the crossword, it seemed to fit precisely as well. Another thing that strengthened my suspicion was the fact that ‘Scripture’ could be used in a variety of contexts – meaning it could be often used in discussions around different religions, thereby making it a popular word when it comes to crossword clues. All of these hints and factors helped me to conclude that ‘Scripture’ was the answer to the mystery of the “What’s the Word?” crossword clue.