Stumped by a Rustling Swish? Get the Answer Here!

Stumped by a Rustling Swish? Get the Answer Here! - NET
What's rustled in a swish

As a detective solving the mystery of the crossword clue ‘What’s rustled in a swish’, the first thing that came to my mind was the sound of something light and thin being moved quickly. ‘Swish‘ is typically associated with the movement of clothes, curtains, or even feathers. It could also refer to the movement of a racket in a game such as tennis or badminton. As I pondered on the word, I remembered that ‘rustled‘ was also mentioned in the clue. This made me think of leaves rustling in the wind or animals moving through a grassy area. It struck me that the word ‘NET‘ could easily fit into this context as it is often rustled when there’s wind blowing. Net also features in games where it’s attached to a hoop or a pole and is rustled as the ball passes through it. Therefore, with these clues in mind, I confidently filled in ‘NET‘ as the answer to the crossword and solved this mystery.