What causes dough to expand and rise

What causes dough to expand and rise - YEAST
What causes dough to expand and rise

Once upon a time in a busy bakery, a young apprentice named Lily was tasked with helping to make bread. As she mixed the dough, she wondered how it would grow and expand to become fluffy and delicious.

Suddenly, she remembered something she had learned in her science class: yeast! Yeast is a microorganism that feeds on sugar and produces carbon dioxide as waste. When added to dough, the carbon dioxide causes the dough to rise and expand.

Excitedly, Lily added the yeast to the dough and watched as it started to bubble and expand. She couldn’t wait to see how the bread would turn out. As she placed the dough in the oven, the heat made the yeast work even harder, causing the bread to rise and fully bake into a delicious loaf.

From that day forward, Lily always remembered the magic of yeast and how it could transform plain dough into something truly special. The end.