“What a shame”

“What a shame” - ITSSAD
"What a shame"

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The crossword clue “What a shame” can be answered with the word “ITSSAD.” This word is a contraction of “it’s sad,” which is a common phrase used when expressing feelings of disappointment or regret.

The word “sad” itself refers to a feeling of sorrow, unhappiness or gloom. When we say “it’s sad,” we are acknowledging that a situation is not ideal or desirable, and that it elicits negative emotions.

In the context of a crossword puzzle, the clue “What a shame” is often used to indicate that the answer is a phrase or word that conveys a sense of disappointment or regret. “ITSSAD” is a concise and effective way to express this sentiment, as it encapsulates both the feeling of sadness and the acknowledgement that something unfortunate has occurred.

So, in short, “ITSSAD” is a contraction of “it’s sad,” and is an appropriate response to the question “What a shame” when looking for a crossword puzzle answer that expresses feelings of disappointment or regret.