What a crossing guard’s outstretched arm means

What a crossing guard’s outstretched arm means - STOP
What a crossing guard's outstretched arm means

Once upon a time, there lived a crossing guard named Maria in a busy city. Maria was a diligent and dedicated guard who ensured the safety of children on the road. She was able to help them cross the street by using various signals, including stopping traffic with her outstretched arm.

One day, Maria decided to take a break and visit a local coffee shop. She ordered her favorite drink and picked up a crossword puzzle on her way out. As she was solving it at a nearby bench, she came across a clue that read, “What a crossing guard’s outstretched arm means.” Maria smiled, knowing the answer was “STOP“.

She thought about how her outstretched arm was an important signal that helped prevent accidents and kept children safe. Suddenly, she heard a loud horn honking and saw a car speeding towards a group of children in the road. Without hesitation, Maria jumped up and thrust her arm out, signaling for the speeding car to STOP. The car screeched to a halt just in time to avoid hitting the children.

Maria realized then, that the word “STOP” wasn’t just a crossword puzzle answer, but a powerful message that can save lives. From that day on, whenever Maria signaled with her outstretched arm, she knew that she was not just a crossing guard, but a hero in the eyes of the kids she kept safe.