Went way, way up

Went way, way up - SOARED
Went way, way up

As a detective solving the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Went way, way up’, I first had to carefully analyze the length of the word we were looking for. In this case, the length of the word was important as it would determine the number of boxes that needed to be filled in on the crossword puzzle. Next, I looked for any clues or hints within the remaining letters of the crossword puzzle to help guide me towards the answer.

I quickly noticed that the letters ‘S’ and ‘O’ were already included in the crossword puzzle. Using my experience solving crosswords, I realized that the word ‘SOARED‘ would fit the remaining boxes perfectly. ‘Soared‘ was the perfect word as it has a double meaning, which fits the cryptic nature of crossword clues, as it means both to fly or ascend in mood or tone, as well as being a synonym for skyrocketing prices or numbers.

Overall, the thought process and insights that led me to the answer ‘SOARED‘ were based on careful analysis of the length of the word, as well as taking into account the clues and hints provided by the crossword puzzle itself. This is a skill that every good detective, and every successful crossword puzzle solver, must develop and refine over time.