Wee ‘un

Wee ‘un - TOT
Wee 'un

As a detective solving the mystery of the crossword clue “Wee ‘un,” I approached this puzzle with a curious and inquisitive mindset. My first instinct was to consider words or phrases that indicate smallness or brevity, such as “little” or “short.” However, after some reflection, I realized that the clue also included the word “un,” which suggests an abbreviation or shortened form of a longer word. With this in mind, I started to think of possible shortened words that could fit the clue. Suddenly, the solution clicked into place – “Wee ‘un” is a Scottish phrase that means “little one,” and the most common abbreviation for “little one” is “TOT“. This answer was a perfect fit for the crossword, as it met all of the criteria of the clue and satisfied the demanding standards of a detective tasked with finding the truth. Overall, my success in solving this puzzle was due to my careful observations, analytical mindset, and willingness to think outside the box to uncover the solution.