Weasel relative

Weasel relative - STOAT
Weasel relative

Once upon a time, in a quiet forest, a weasel was on the hunt for some food. As he was scurrying around, he spotted a group of his relatives all gathered together. Curious, he went closer to have a chat with them.

But as he approached, he noticed that they were all acting a little bit strange. They were jumping around, twisting and turning, and chasing each other in circles. It was then that the weasel realized that he had stumbled upon a group of stoats!

The weasel was surprised to see how similar they looked to him, with their slender bodies and brownish fur. But he was even more surprised to see how different they were in behavior. Unlike the weasel who was a loner, the stoats preferred to hunt in groups and loved to play around.

The weasel couldn’t believe how closely related the stoats were to him, despite their different personalities. And so, the connection between the crossword clue ‘Weasel relative’ and its answer ‘STOAT’ was made clear – they may be different in personality, but they are still family.