“Way cool!”

“Way cool!” - NEATO
"Way cool!"

Sure, I’d be happy to help explain the crossword answer “NEATO” to you!

“NEATO” is a slang word that is commonly used as an exclamation to express enthusiasm or approval about something that is seen as “cool” or “exciting”. It’s an abbreviation of the word “neat-o,” which has been used in this sense since the 1950s.

In the context of crossword puzzles or games, “NEATO” is often used as a four-letter answer to clues asking for a word that means “cool,” “awesome,” or “excellent.” This is because “NEATO” is a common and easily recognizable word that fits easily into crossword grids.

Overall, “NEATO” is a fun and informal word that can add a touch of enthusiasm and energy to conversations or crossword puzzles. If you come across it again in the future, you’ll know it’s a synonym for “cool” or “awesome.”