Stumped by a Crossword? Find Out How to Solve ‘Waved at, say’

Stumped by a Crossword? Find Out How to Solve ‘Waved at, say’ - GREETED
Waved at, say

Once upon a time, there was a friendly creature named Greeted. Greeted had a unique talent that made them stand out: they could wave their long and impressive tail in a way that made everyone around them extremely happy.

One day, Greeted set out on a journey to explore the world and meet new creatures. They came across a village filled with crossword enthusiasts who loved to play games and solve puzzles.

Greeted was immediately fascinated and decided to join in on the fun. The villagers asked Greeted to play a game of charades, and the clue was “Waved at, say.”

Greeted knew exactly what to do. They stirred up their tail and started moving it in all different directions. The villagers excitedly shouted out tons of guesses, including “Fanned,” “Fluttered,” and “Swung,” but it wasn’t until Greeted paused and shouted, “Greeted!” that the villagers figured out the answer.

From that day on, Greeted became a regular guest in the village and joined in on every game of crossword. And every time they solved a clue involving a wave, the villagers knew the answer was always Greeted!