Was visually exciting

Was visually exciting - POPPED
Was visually exciting

As a detective, my first insight would be to break down the clue and look for any hints within it. The word “visually” suggests that the answer relates to something that can be seen, while “exciting” implies something eye-catching and attention-grabbing. My next step would be to examine the length of the word required, which was a concise five letters.

After considering the context, I came up with several possibilities. However, the word that truly stood out to me was “POPPED.” This word captures the idea of something visually exciting, reminiscent of a sudden burst of color, sound, or energy. By offering that “POP,” the word POPPED succeeds in capturing the excitement and visual element of the clue.

In conclusion, my thought process followed the traditional approach of breaking down and interpreting the cue to draw insights. Examining the context, word length, and possible word associations helped me identify that the answer was “POPPED,” which effectively met the requirements of the clue given.