Stuck on ‘Want’ in your crossword? Here’s the answer!

Stuck on ‘Want’ in your crossword? Here’s the answer! - YEN

As a detective, I love solving puzzles and cracking clues. When I first encountered the crossword clue ‘Want‘, my mind immediately started racing through different possibilities. The word ‘want‘ is a synonym for desire or crave, so I knew the answer had to be a noun that reflected that meaning. I glanced at the word length, which was three letters, and scanned my mental database for any such word that fit the description. Suddenly, the word ‘Yen‘ popped into my head. It is a Japanese word for a strong desire or craving for something, and it perfectly fits the meaning of the clue. I double-checked the other intersecting clues to confirm my answer, and sure enough, ‘Yen‘ was the correct answer. This just proves that sometimes, a good detective just needs a little bit of linguistic and cultural knowledge to crack a mystery.