Stumped on a crossword? Unravel the answer to ‘Walks with difficulty’

Stumped on a crossword? Unravel the answer to ‘Walks with difficulty’ - LIMPS
Walks with difficulty

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Lily who loved to play outside. She would spend hours running, jumping and climbing trees. One day, while playing hide and seek with her friends, she accidentally tripped and fell, hurting her leg.

After a visit to the doctor, Lily was given a bandage and told to rest for a few days. However, when she tried to walk, she found that it was difficult and painful. She had to take tiny steps and her friends noticed that she was limping.

For the next few weeks, Lily had to be very careful when walking, even using crutches at times. Her friends were kind and helped her by carrying her books and inviting her to play quieter games.

Eventually, Lily’s leg healed and she was able to run and jump again. However, she never forgot the frustration and difficulty of walking with an injury. Whenever she saw someone walking with a limp, she would remember how it felt and be extra kind and helpful to them.

Years later, when Lily was solving a crossword puzzle and came across the clue ‘Walks with difficulty’, she smiled and filled in the answer ‘LIMPS‘. It was a simple word, but to her, it represented a reminder to always be kind and understanding towards those who might be struggling.