Use a hammer on (“In a Station of the Metro”)

Use a hammer on (“In a Station of the Metro”) - POUND
Use a hammer on ("In a Station of the Metro")

In the bustling city of Paris, there’s a hidden gem – the Metro. It’s a labyrinth of tunnels and stations that are both exquisite and mysterious, as if they existed in a world of their own. On one particular day, a young artist named Pierre was making his way through the Metro, riding the trains and marveling at the beauty of the stations.

As he passed a station named “POUND,” he was struck with inspiration. He imagined himself using a hammer to bring to life the intricate designs that adorned the walls, ensuring that they would never be forgotten. So taking out his sketchpad, he began to draw.

But as he sketched, he noticed a group of workers, all gathered together in the center of the station. They were using their hammers to fix some broken tiles, working tirelessly to ensure that the Metro remained in top condition. Pierre was fascinated by their work, and he realized that the hammer could be used to make something new and to fix something broken.

From that day on, Pierre continued to draw in the Metro, always thinking of the workers and their hammers. And every time he passed the “POUND” station, he smiled, remembering the beauty and the hard work that went into it. So, when the crossword clue “Use a hammer on (“In a Station of the Metro”)” came up, there was no doubt in Pierre’s mind that the answer was “POUND” – a simple word, but one that held so much meaning and inspiration.