Stumped on Up to Now? Here’s the Answer!

Stumped on Up to Now? Here’s the Answer! - ASYET
Up to now

Once upon a time, there was a mischievous little bird named Yeti. Yeti loved to play games with other animals and often played crossword puzzles alone. One day, while flying over the forest, he found an unfinished crossword puzzle lying on the ground. As he began to fill in the answers, he noticed a tricky clue that read “Up to now.”

Yeti paused for a moment and thought about the answer. Suddenly, he had an idea. He gathered twigs and arranged them into a makeshift nest. He collected as many feathers as he could find and lined the inside of the nest with them. As he worked, Yeti began to sing a tune that he had learned from his mother.

As he sang, the other animals in the forest began to gather around. They watched with curiosity as Yeti continued to work on his nest and sing his song. After many hours of labor and bird-song, Yeti proudly climbed into the nest and hatched an egg! The little chick that emerged looked up at Yeti with gratitude and contentment.

As the other animals congratulated and admired Yeti’s handiwork, he smiled and answered the crossword clue – “ASYET“. From that day on, Yeti used his cleverness to help others solve crossword clues and became the most popular bird in the forest.