Unwelcoming - ICY

Sure, I would love to help you understand the clue “Unwelcoming” better. The answer to this clue is “ICY“, which refers to a demeanor or environment that is cold and unfriendly.

In certain contexts, “ICY” can mean frosty, chilly, or aloof. It can refer to anything that is unwelcome or difficult to deal with, particularly when it comes to people’s attitudes or behavior.

For example, if someone gives you an “ICY” stare, they are likely expressing disapproval or hostility through their body language.

In addition to its negative connotations, “ICY” can also be used to describe certain physical environments. For instance, an “ICY” wind might be one that feels especially harsh and raw on the skin. Similarly, an “ICY” road might be one that is covered in ice and therefore treacherous for drivers.

Overall, “ICY” is a succinct and powerful way to describe anything that is cold, unwelcoming, or difficult to deal with. I hope this explanation has helped clarify the meaning of the crossword clue “Unwelcoming,” and how the answer “ICY” fits that description.