Stumped by ‘Unfreezes’? Discover the Crossword Solution!

Stumped by ‘Unfreezes’? Discover the Crossword Solution! - THAWS

Sure! Let me explain the crossword clue ‘Unfreezes’ and the answer ‘THAWS’ to you.

When we talk about ‘unfreezing,’ it usually means reversing the process of something being frozen, bringing it back to its original state. In the context of the crossword clue, ‘THAWS’ is the perfect answer.

To understand ‘THAWS,’ let’s first discuss what happens when something freezes. When water, for example, is exposed to very low temperatures, it transforms from its liquid form into a solid state, becoming ice. This process is called freezing. Now, when we talk about ‘unfreezing,’ we mean the opposite process of reversing this solidification.

‘THAWS’ is the verb that represents the action of ‘unfreezing’ or the process of converting something from a solid state (like ice) back into its original state (liquid form, in the case of water). When ice thaws, it means it is slowly warming up, usually due to an increase in temperature, causing it to change back into water.

Thawing is not only applicable to ice but also to other substances that can freeze, such as food. For example, if you have a frozen piece of meat or vegetables, you need to thaw it to bring it back to its edible, unfrozen state.

In summary, ‘THAWS’ is the ideal answer for the crossword clue ‘Unfreezes.’ It represents the process of reversing freezing by slowly warming up something that was previously frozen, bringing it back to its original liquid state. So, whenever you encounter a crossword clue related to ‘unfreezing,’ you can confidently fill in ‘THAWS’!