Two-dimensional - PLANAR

Once upon a time, there was a brilliant mathematician named Alan who loved puzzles. One day, he came across a crossword puzzle with the clue, ‘Two-dimensional.‘ He thought deeply about this clue but couldn’t quite come up with a suitable answer.

Feeling stumped, Alan took a break and went for a walk in the park. As he strolled, he noticed the ducks floating serenely on the pond. Suddenly, it hit him! The ducks were existing in two dimensions – they moved left, right, forward and back, but they could not fly upwards or go deeper into the water.

Alan quickly jotted down the word ‘PLANAR‘ as his answer, unable to contain his excitement. He realised that the word ‘PLANAR‘ was the perfect fit for the crossword puzzle clue as it meant existing in two dimensions.

Back at home, Alan celebrated his eureka moment with a cup of tea and a smile. From that day on, whenever he saw ducks, he felt a special connection to them, knowing that they had helped him discover the answer to the crossword puzzle that had stumped him.