Stumped by ‘Tucks Away’? Discover the Surprising Crossword Solution!

Stumped by ‘Tucks Away’? Discover the Surprising Crossword Solution! - STOWS
Tucks away

Of course! I’d be happy to explain the answer ‘STOWS’ to you.

In the context of the crossword clue ‘Tucks away,’ the word ‘STOWS’ refers to the act of placing or arranging something carefully and neatly in a specific location for storage or safekeeping. It indicates that you are storing or hiding something discreetly by putting it away.

Let’s break it down further to help you understand steps and examples of ‘STOWS’:

1. Definition: ‘STOWS’ is a verb that means to put something away in a specific place, often for the purpose of organization, preservation, or concealment. It is commonly used when talking about storing items, such as belongings, supplies, or equipment.

2. Synonyms: Some synonyms for ‘STOWS’ that you might come across in crossword puzzles or everyday language include ‘stores,’ ‘hides,’ ‘packs,’ ‘lodges,’ or ‘deposits.’ These words can serve as hints to identify ‘STOWS’ as the correct answer.

3. Usage in a crossword clue: In crossword puzzles, ‘STOWS’ might be indicated through a clue like “Tucks away” or “Places for storage.” The crossword solver might have to fill in a word that fits the description of ‘STOWS,’ often with a given number of letters that match the crossword grid.

4. Examples of usage: To better illustrate the concept, here are a few examples of how ‘STOWS’ can be used in different contexts:
– “She carefully stows her winter clothes in the attic during the summer.”
– “The sailor meticulously stows the equipment in the ship’s cargo hold.”
– “Before going on a road trip, he stows snacks and water bottles in the car’s trunk.”

Remember, ‘STOWS’ is a versatile word that primarily indicates the action of carefully arranging and storing items. By understanding this, you can successfully solve crossword puzzles and comprehend its usage in everyday conversations.

I hope this explanation clarifies the use of ‘STOWS’ for you! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.