“True ___”

“True ___” - THAT
"True ___"

As a detective, I approached this crossword clue with an analytical mindset. I started by considering the letters I already had in place – T – – – – – – – – – -. Next, I thought about what word could fit in and make sense with the clue ‘True ___”. I considered several options such as ‘Love’ and ‘Blue’, but neither of them seemed to fit. Then, it struck me, what if ‘that’ was the answer? It would perfectly fill in the blank for ‘True that’, a common phrase used to express agreement or confirmation of a statement. I quickly verified my hypothesis by checking the letters that overlapped with the vertical clues, and the answer was confirmed! In conclusion, it was the process of analyzing the given letters, interpreting the clue, and considering various possibilities that led me to confidently solve the mystery of the crossword clue “True ___” with the answer ‘THAT‘.