Trivial criticisms

Trivial criticisms - NITS
Trivial criticisms

Once upon a time, in a small village surrounded by lush green meadows and tall oak trees, there was a young girl named Alice who loved reading books and solving puzzles. She would often spend her afternoons solving crossword puzzles with her grandmother who was an avid crossword enthusiast.

One bright sunny day, Alice’s grandmother gave her a crossword puzzle to solve. The clue read “Trivial criticisms“, and Alice was stumped. She couldn’t think of any words that would fit in the boxes.

Feeling discouraged, Alice decided to take a break and went outside to play. She ran around the meadows, chasing butterflies and picking flowers, when she suddenly felt something crawling in her hair. She quickly brushed her hair and saw a tiny insect fall out.

“Look, grandma!” Alice exclaimed, “It’s a nit!”

Her grandmother smiled and said, “That’s the answer to your crossword clue, my dear! Nits are those tiny insects that are known for their trivial or petty nature, just like the trivial criticisms you were trying to solve for.”

Alice was amazed at the connection between the tiny nit and the clue, and felt grateful for learning something new.

From that day on, Alice always remembered the connection between nits and trivial criticisms, and went on to solve many more crossword puzzles with her grandmother.