Outsmart the Crossword: Solving the Tricksy Clue

Outsmart the Crossword: Solving the Tricksy Clue - SLY

Once upon a time, there was a clever little fox named Trickster who lived in the forest. He was known for his sneaky and cunning ways, always finding a way to outsmart his prey or avoid danger.

One day, Trickster came across a group of animals gathered around a crossword puzzle. They were trying to figure out the answer to a particularly tricky clue – “Crafty or cunning“. Trickster, being the wise old fox that he was, didn’t miss a beat. He strutted up to the group and announced, “That answer is SLY!

All the animals were amazed at how quick Trickster was to solve the clue, and they marvelled at how his name was so similar to the word that fit it. From that day on, whenever they came across the crossword clue “Tricksy“, they knew exactly what the answer was – SLY! And all thanks to the clever and deceitful Trickster.