Treatment for some jeans

Treatment for some jeans - ACIDWASH
Treatment for some jeans

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ACIDWASH is a particular type of treatment that was used for some jeans, typically in the 1980s.

To create an ACIDWASH effect, jean manufacturers would soak the denim in a diluted solution of bleach and chlorine, which would cause the fabric to fade in a unique, uneven pattern. The chemicals would essentially eat away at the indigo dye, creating a streaky, bleached-out look that was popular at the time.

ACIDWASH jeans were often embellished with additional features such as frayed hems, studs, and patches, and they became a popular trend among teenagers and young adults. Some designers have recently incorporated ACIDWASH into their collections as a throwback to the 80s.

To summarize, ACIDWASH is a treatment used for jeans that involves soaking them in a bleach and chlorine solution to create a unique, faded look. It was a popular trend in the 1980s and has recently made a comeback.