Traveler’s approx.

Traveler’s approx. - ETA
Traveler's approx.

As a seasoned detective, I approached the crossword clue ‘Traveler’s approx.‘ with a keen eye for detail and a sharp mind for deduction. I began by considering the word ‘traveler‘ and what it might suggest in terms of possible solutions. My experience and knowledge instantly brought to mind the concept of time, as travelers are constantly on the move and concerned with arriving at their destination within a certain timeframe. From there, the word ‘approx.‘ hinted at the idea of an estimated or approximate time of arrival. Putting these pieces together, it became clear that the answer to the clue must be something that represents an estimated arrival time for a traveler. And that’s when it hit me – ETA! The acronym (short for ‘estimated time of arrival’) is commonly used in the travel industry, making it a perfect fit for the crossword clue and solving the mystery with ease.