Tool that evolved from the sickle

Tool that evolved from the sickle - SCYTHE
Tool that evolved from the sickle

As a detective, the first thing I did was to focus on the key terms of the clue: ‘Tool’, ‘evolved’ and ‘sickle’. From them, I inferred that I needed to find a tool that had originated from or had been developed from the sickle. The sickle is a curved tool used for cutting crops such as grass or wheat, and I knew I was looking for another tool that had evolved from it.

One likely candidate was the scythe. A scythe is a long-handled, curved-bladed agricultural tool used for mowing grass or reaping crops. It has a similar shape to the sickle and is also used for cutting down crops, but it is larger and more efficient.

Using my knowledge of agricultural tools and their evolution, I deduced that the scythe was the most likely answer to the crossword clue. The term ‘evolved’ indicates that some kind of development or refinement occurred in the transformation from sickle to scythe.

Overall, my thought process involved examining the key terms of the crossword clue, using my knowledge of the subject matter, and making logical inferences to arrive at the correct answer. This combination of careful analysis and intuitive reasoning led me to the solution of the mystery of the crossword clue, and the answer – scythe.