Together, musically

Together, musically - ADUE
Together, musically

Once there were two best friends, a pianist and a guitarist. They loved to play music together and often entertained their other friends with impromptu performances. One day, they decided to write a song together, but it wasn’t easy. They came up with different melodies and rhythms that didn’t quite fit together.

Finally, after hours of jamming, they both played a chord progression that synced seamlessly. It was as if the notes were made for each other. They both smiled and said, “We did it! Together, musically!

The next day, their friends asked what their song was called. The duo looked at each other and without second-guessing, they created their band’s name – ADUE. From that day forth, their music was like magic, each note complementing the other. The name ADUE, Together, musically, became their legacy.