Toddlers’ 26-Down, sometimes

Toddlers’ 26-Down, sometimes - LAPS
Toddlers' 26-Down, sometimes

In a cozy nursery, a group of toddlers sat in a circle, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their favorite babysitter. As the door creaked open, they squealed with delight – it was time for their daily exercise routine! The babysitter brought out a large mat and led the toddlers through a series of stretches and warm-ups. Then, she announced that it was time for 26-Down – sometimes. The toddlers looked at each other, confused. “You know,” said the babysitter, “when we walk around the room like little puppies or crawl like silly monkeys.” Realization dawned on the toddlers’ faces – it was time for LAPS! Excitedly, they started crawling and toddling around the room, chasing each other and giggling with joy. They went from one end of the room to the other, completing lap after lap. Finally, when they were all tuckered out and breathing hard, the babysitter called for a cool-down and a snack. But the toddlers couldn’t wait for tomorrow when they could do it all again – another chance for more LAPS!