To a greater degree

To a greater degree - MORESO
To a greater degree

Once upon a time, there was a tiny ant named Moreso. Moreso was always trying to climb up the biggest leaf in the forest. One day, Moreso stopped halfway up and realized that he needed to climb higher in order to get past the ever-growing shadows of the trees around him.

Puzzled, Moreso asked his ant friends for advice, but they simply replied, “just climb harder.” Feeling frustrated with their unhelpful advice, Moreso decided to take a break and sit down for a while.

As he rested, Moreso began to think of all the other possibilities that he could try. Soon after, he found a new strategy to climb higher – he realized that he could use the bumps on the leaf as anchors to move up more efficiently.

Excited about his new discovery, Moreso realized that he now had the ability to climb to a greater degree than before. Proud of his accomplishment, he continued to climb, reaching the very top of the leaf.

The next day, Moreso decided to relax with a crossword puzzle. When he came across the clue “To a greater degree,” he immediately thought of his climbing journey and filled in the answer, “MORESO.”

From that day on, every time Moreso saw that clue in a crossword, he was reminded of how he had overcome his obstacles by thinking outside the box and finding innovative solutions to his problems.