Titular woman in a #1 Rolling Stones hit

Titular woman in a #1 Rolling Stones hit - ANGIE
Titular woman in a #1 Rolling Stones hit

Once upon a time in London, there was a beautiful young woman named Angie. She had just moved into an apartment complex that was home to a talented group of musicians. One day as Angie was walking down the hall, she heard Mick Jagger and Keith Richards arguing over the lyrics for their new song.

Mick was trying to come up with a catchy title for their new hit, but Keith was struggling to find inspiration. That’s when Angie spoke up, suggesting “Angie” as the perfect name for their song.

Her suggestion was met with enthusiastic approval, and the band went on to record their famous hit “Angie“, which topped the charts and became a classic rock favorite.

From that moment on, Angie became known as the titular woman in a #1 Rolling Stones hit, forever cementing her place in rock and roll history. And as for Mick and Keith, they never forgot the young woman who helped inspire one of their greatest achievements.