Unravel the mystery: The first female head writer at ___ (Crossword Clue)

Unravel the mystery: The first female head writer at ___ (Crossword Clue) - SNL
Tina Fey was its first female head writer, in brief

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of New York, there was a famous live comedy sketch show called Saturday Night Live, or SNL for short. This show was a beloved institution for millions of viewers, who tuned in each week to see the latest hilarious skits from an ever-changing cast of comedians. One of these comedians was a talented young woman named Tina Fey, who quickly made a name for herself with her quick wit and razor-sharp humor.

In 1999, Tina was promoted to head writer on the show, making her the first female head writer in SNL’s history. This was a huge accomplishment for Tina, who had worked long and hard to earn her place on the writing staff. She was responsible for crafting some of SNL’s most iconic sketches, including “Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton Address the Nation” and “Weekend Update.”

As Tina’s star rose, so did that of the show that had given her her start. SNL continued to be a cultural touchstone, bringing laughter to countless fans every weekend. And even though Tina has moved on to other projects over the years, SNL remains a beloved and important part of American comedy history, thanks in no small part to the contributions of its first female head writer.