Stumped on a Crossword Clue? Discover the Timely Thing to Arrive On!

Stumped on a Crossword Clue? Discover the Timely Thing to Arrive On! - THEDOT
Timely thing to arrive on

Sure, I’d love to help with that! ‘THEDOT’ is a term used in journalism, and it refers to the point in time when a news story is considered complete and ready for publication. It is also known as ‘the deadline.’

To elaborate, reporters and journalists are often assigned stories to cover, whether it’s news events, politics, or any other topic of interest. They have to gather all the relevant information and write a comprehensive piece on the subject, ensuring that all facts are verified and presented in a compelling and easy-to-understand manner. However, they can’t take forever to do it. Publishers and editors are always working towards strict deadlines, and the reporters have to make sure that they submit their stories before the deadline, which is ‘THEDOT’.

‘THEDOT’ can be an absolute time (such as midnight), a relative time (such as three hours from now), or an event-driven time (such as when the press conference concludes). No matter what the deadline is, missing it can have serious consequences, such as the news item being dropped or losing out on the chance to be the first to break an important story.

In crossword puzzles, ‘Timely thing to arrive on’ is often used as a clue for ‘THEDOT’ as it captures the essence of the word – that it marks the point in time when something is completed and ready to be presented to the world.