Tidy up

Tidy up - NEATEN
Tidy up

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The crossword clue ‘Tidy up’ can be solved with the answer ‘NEATEN’. ‘Neaten‘ is a verb that means to make something clean, tidy, and organized, usually by straightening or arranging it.

When you tidy up, you might put away things that are out of place, remove clutter, adjust the angles of items for better visual appeal, and generally make things look neater and more put together. This can be applied to physical spaces like rooms, offices, and workspaces, or more abstract concepts like ideas or arguments.

Some synonyms for ‘neaten‘ include: tidy, straighten, arrange, organize, spruce up, spiff up, and groom. These words all imply a similar idea of making something look better and more organized than it previously was.

To use ‘neaten‘ in a sentence, you might say: “I need to neaten up my desk before the end of the workday,” or “Can you please neaten the living room before our guests arrive?

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