Stuck on a Crossword? Crack the Code of Thoughtless Mode

Stuck on a Crossword? Crack the Code of Thoughtless Mode - AUTOPILOT
Thoughtless mode

Once upon a time, there was a busy man named Ted who had a job as a delivery driver. Every day, he had to make countless stops and deliver packages all over the city. With so much to do, he often found himself overwhelmed and stressed while driving.

One day, as he was driving to his next delivery, he suddenly realized he had no memory of the past 10 minutes of driving. He had been on autopilot mode, driving without any conscious thought or awareness of his surroundings.

This thoughtless mode, or autopilot, allowed him to move through the day with less stress and more ease. However, it also made him realize that he needed to be more present and attentive while driving to stay safe on the road.

From that day forward, Ted learned to balance his autopilot mode with a conscious effort to pay attention to his surroundings. And whenever he came across the crossword clue “Thoughtless mode,” he couldn’t help but think of that fateful day when he discovered the power and danger of being on autopilot behind the wheel.