This puzzle has 78 of them

This puzzle has 78 of them - CLUES
This puzzle has 78 of them

Once upon a time, there was a brilliant detective named Kate who loved solving puzzles. One day, she received a mysterious package that contained a crossword puzzle with the clue “This puzzle has 78 of them.” Kate was intrigued and couldn’t wait to solve the puzzle.

As she started filling in the answers, she realized that the puzzle was packed with hints and indications that helped her solve it. There were words related to crime, suspects, and evidence, all carefully hidden within the letters of the puzzle.

She began to appreciate the significance of these helpful hints, better known as clues. Furthermore, she identified a connection between the number 78 and the number of clues present in the puzzle.

With the final clue solved, Kate solved the puzzle and uncovered a crucial piece of evidence that helped her solve a tough case. She smiled, knowing that the intelligence that went into creating the puzzle was a tribute to the value of clues. And that, my friend, is how a crossword puzzle with 78 clues helped Kate solve a challenging case!