“This is your brain on drugs” spot, e.g., in brief

“This is your brain on drugs” spot, e.g., in brief - PSA
"This is your brain on drugs" spot, e.g., in brief

At first glance, the crossword clue seemed confusing and even daunting. However, as a detective, I knew that the key to any successful investigation is to gather as much information as possible. In this case, the clues ‘This is your brain on drugs‘ and ‘spot‘ seemed particularly relevant. I knew that the phrase ‘This is your brain on drugs‘ was used in a public service announcement (PSA) in the 1980s to warn people about the dangers of drug use. It occurred to me that the ‘spot‘ in the clue was likely a reference to a television spot where the PSA aired. Thus, putting all the information together, it became clear that the answer to the crossword clue was PSA. It was a moment of satisfaction for me as a detective to solve the mystery using keen observation, intuition, and an investigative approach.