This clue’s number divided by three

This clue’s number divided by three - NINE
This clue's number divided by three

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a mischievous crossword creator named Kip. Kip loved playing games and creating puzzles for people to solve. One day, while creating a crossword puzzle, Kip came up with a clever idea for a clue. “This clue’s number divided by three,” he wrote. “Hmm, let me think,” Kip pondered. “What number is divisible by three and has four letters?” Suddenly, an idea struck him. “Of course, it’s NINE!” Kip exclaimed.

But why NINE?

Kip was a bit of a math genius, and he knew that when you divide 9 by 3, you get 3. He thought this was a sneaky way to clue in the solvers to the answer, and he chuckled to himself, imagining their confused faces.

So, the clue ‘This clue’s number divided by three‘ led to the answer NINE, a clever play on words using math to create a fun and challenging puzzle. Kip was thrilled with himself and couldn’t wait to see how many people would be stumped by his latest creation.