Stumped by this crossword? Discover the ThinkPad maker!

Stumped by this crossword? Discover the ThinkPad maker! - LENOVO
ThinkPad maker

As a detective solving the mystery of the crossword clue “ThinkPad maker,” I embarked on a thrilling investigation into the world of technology. Knowing that a ThinkPad is a well-known brand of laptop, I began searching for renowned manufacturers in this realm. Lenovo quickly emerged as a candidate worth pursuing. With their reputation for producing high-quality laptops, including the iconic ThinkPad series, Lenovo was an obvious contender for the solution to the crossword clue. Digging deeper, I discovered that Lenovo had acquired the personal computer division of IBM, which included the famous line of ThinkPad laptops. This pivotal piece of evidence cemented Lenovo as the correct answer, demonstrating not only their status as “ThinkPad maker” but also their significant takeover of the brand from its original creator, IBM. The detective work revealed Lenovo as the conclusion to the crossword puzzle, captivatingly intertwining the worlds of technology, business acquisitions, and thrilling investigation.