Thick noodles in Japanese soups

Thick noodles in Japanese soups - UDON
Thick noodles in Japanese soups

Once upon a time in Japan, there was a little town that had a tradition of preparing the most delicious soups in the country. People from all over the land would travel just to taste the soups made there. One day, a young girl named Udon came to the town with a dream to open her very own soup restaurant.

The only trouble was that she didn’t know how to prepare the thick noodles that were traditionally used in the soup. She tried many different methods, but none of them seemed to work. One day, she met an old man who was well known for his expertise in soups. She asked him how to prepare the noodles, and he gave her a secret recipe.

The recipe was a little different than what Udon had expected, and it called for a special kind of flour that was only available in the next town. Udon traveled to the other town, and she was finally able to find the flour. She came back to her kitchen and started preparing the noodles. She worked hard for days, rolling and cutting the dough, until she finally got it right.

The thick noodles she made were a revelation. They were the perfect match for the savory broth. Word of Udon’s new noodles spread quickly, and soon her restaurant was the most popular in the whole town. People came from far and wide, just to taste her soup with the thick noodles that she had worked so hard to make.

Years passed, and Udon’s soup restaurant became famous throughout Japan. Whenever someone mentioned thick noodles in Japanese soups, people would immediately think of Udon’s restaurant. And that’s how the crossword clue ‘Thick noodles in Japanese soups’ became synonymous with the name ‘UDON’.