They’ve got bills for their newborns

They’ve got bills for their newborns - STORKS
They've got bills for their newborns

As a detective, my mind immediately jumps to potential connections between newborns and bills. My initial thought is that perhaps the clue is pointing to hospital bills or medical expenses associated with child-rearing. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that the word “they” in the clue is a hint that we are not looking for a specific group of people, but rather a type of creature. The clue is likely pointing to an animal that is known for delivering babies, and a baby-delivery animal that frequently appears in popular culture is the stork. The stork myth dates back to ancient Greece when people believed that deliveries of babies were made by cranes. Additionally, there is a common phrase “delivering a baby like a stork” which further supports the idea that the crossword clue is pointing to storks. Therefore, the answer to the crossword clue “They’ve got bills for their newborns” is most likely STORKS.