Who’s really in charge? Crack the code with this crossword clue!

Who’s really in charge? Crack the code with this crossword clue! - HENS
They rule the roost

Great, happy to help! The crossword clue “They rule the roost” is a reference to the dominant females in a chicken (and other bird) flock. The answer to the clue is “HENS.”

So, what are hens exactly? Hens are female chickens that have reached maturity and are capable of laying eggs. They are an essential component of chicken flocks and are typically kept along with roosters, which are male chickens.

In a chicken flock, hens are the dominant females. They establish a pecking order, where each member of the flock knows its place. The dominant hen gets to eat first, drinks first, and generally gets her way. All the other hens follow her lead.

Hens are social animals that thrive in groups. In these groups, hens often perform certain behaviors like dust-bathing, preening, and foraging for food. They are also quite vocal and will communicate with each other using a range of sounds and calls.

The role of hens in the chicken flock is to lay eggs. Hens can lay eggs anywhere from once every two days to once a day, depending on the breed and age of the hen. They will continue to lay eggs for several years.

In conclusion, hens are the dominant females in a chicken flock and play an essential role in laying eggs. They are social animals that establish a pecking order and communicate with other hens using various sounds and calls.